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The crypto-collectibles market has been a wildfire for the past few months, and we have worked (and are still working) tenaciously to curate and make available the very best of them every available in a simple marketplace. Here’s a little primer for the uninitiated.

What are Crypto Collectibles?

By now, you are probably familiar with the concept of collectibles — prized possessions sought for by collectors. Crypto collectibles are unique items minted on blockchain as non-fungible tokens for anyone to acquire. They are usually limited, and they sell for substantial amounts mostly due to blockchain’s tech that makes them unique and scarce, and humans understand scarcity.

Categories of Crypto Collectibles

Collectibles are items of value that can be sought for and acquired by collectors. Collectors can be anyone, from traders looking for short-term gains to crypto magnates that love collecting stuff. The categories include but are not limited to art, music, clips, sport, and games.

1. Game collectibles

The collectibles market has given the online gaming industry a new (and better) form. Players can now buy game items — weapons, avatar clothing and other accessories to complete missions or sell to other users for profit. Some virtual games allow users to acquire pieces of land and build houses, casinos, etc., on them, all of which can be sold to other users.

2. Art collectibles

By now, almost everyone is familiar with tokenized artworks and how to mint and collect them seamlessly, thanks to AirNFTs. Paintings, photographs, and even memes and doodles can now be tokenized and sold on marketplaces.

3. Sports collectibles

Sports collectibles such as kits and accessories, trading cards, and video clips of incredible moments can be acquired and sold on NFT marketplaces.

4. Others

As we earlier mentioned, numerous things can pass as a collectible and be tokenized on the blockchain. That old watch passed to you from your great-granny? Check. The autographed chessboard you won years back? Check. So long as they are deemed valuable enough to be acquired, you are probably good to go.

How do Collectibles work?

Crypto collectibles are non-fungible tokens and can be minted on NFT marketplaces. NFT marketplaces are platforms built on a blockchain (usually Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum) to seamlessly create and trade with other users. AirNFTs is the leading marketplace on Binance Smart Chain for the right reasons: cheap fees, fast transactions and a large, active community. non-fungible tokens created on the platform are represented as BEP-721 or BEP-1155 tokens and can be sent to any user within Binance Smart Chain.

What do Collectibles Aim to Solve?

Each category of crypto-collectibles offers plenty of benefits, including independence, ease, and of course, liquidity. Sports collectibles, for example, allows fans to connect with their idols directly, game collectibles allow gamers to play and trade and unexposed artists get to connect with potential buyers and sell their works easily,

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