How to get verified on AirNFTs

Being verified increases your chances to make bigger sales. Learn what are requirements to get verification badge on AirNFTs.

July 23, 2021

Rules to get verified

Be Authentic

You should only mint artwork originally created by you, do not upload copyrighted artwork and do not modify work done by other artists

Stay Respectful

Do not mint or share any artwork that our community will deem racist, sexist, homophobic, NSFW or otherwise harmful and non-inclusive

No Double Minting

Do not mint and sell the same artwork that is sold anywhere else, otherwise your verification will fail.

Do not mint:

  • Fan art (this might be under copyright of the original creator of this idea)
  • Logotypes of big companies (unless you are the owner)
  • Works of other artists.
  • Image layers in collages that you do not own or copyright was not specified.
  • Taking art of other artists and slightly modyfiing it.
  • NSFW (+18) and racistic content.

Use your common sense for copyrights, always create your original work to avoid breaking the rules.

Rule of the thumb, create everything yourself.

Remember everything on blockchain is public and may be tracked back to your public persona, and get you into lawsuit.‍

Few tips how to increase your chances to get verified

  • Be original.
  • Try to keep quality of the art as high as you can.
  • Try avoid doing fan art or design manipulations without copyright approval.
  • Have authentic social accounts where you express your art and these accounts are older than 8-12 months,
  • Be consistent with what you are doing, do not mint memes and 3D art at the same time.
  • Bring something new to the marketplace that no one else is doing.

After you have completed reading all the rules above and you have made sure that you do not breake any of the rules with your art, fill in this verification form:

âś… Verification Form:

⛔️ Report an artist:

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