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On the mission to bring NFTs to the mainstream

AirNFTs is an NFT marketplace built on BSC, ETH, Fantom and Polygon, focusing
highly on user experience and ease of use to create, buy, sell and trade NFTs.

Create and trade nfts
Create and Trade NFTs

One click and your NFT is created. Set a price or use Auctions and start earning crypto today.

Airnfts staking
AIRT Staking

You can earn AIRT for staking and trading NFTs. Use royalties for secondary sales.

NFT launchpad
NFT Launchpad

Raise funds for your project trough (INO) and get access to our partners and NFT community.


Why AirNFTs?

Easy user experience, low fees, one-click minting, AirNFTs was built for artists by artists

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How to create an NFT on BSC, ETH, FTM, and Polygon

Follow these 3 simple steps

1. Connect your wallet

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to connect to the app

2. Create your NFT

Upload your NFTs,
set the price and mint

3. Start earning crypto

Earn BNB, Matic, FTM, ETH for all your NFTs that you trade

Airnfts app shows how nfts looks like in mobile

NFT marketplace meets mobile app.

Get mobile app NFT marketplace, to track your NFT portfolio and discover exclusive drops.
Get nft marketplace mobile app for AndroidGet nft marketplace mobile app for iOS


Token economy is built around the AIRT Token, a unit of value on the platform that enables token holders to use applications on this platform, and earn additional token rewards by using this project.