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What are Sports NFTs?

We have covered several topics on non-fungible tokens — the biggest thing in crypto — and Sports happen to be a huge participant in this market. Sports NFTs are digital collectibles and trading cards of your favorite players in any sport you can think of.

How do Sports NFTs Work?

While there are existing collectibles — baseball cards for example — excited fans can buy physically and hold onto, NFTs bring them on-chain. Examples of collectibles that can be tokenized include:

  1. Trading cards: trading cards markets run deep in some sports such as Baseball, Hockey and American Football. Asides from the huge nostalgic feeling they provoke, collecting trading cards is a huge way to support your favorites. Tokenizing trading cards on the blockchain increases their value and makes them more secure.
  2. Sport Kits: these include jerseys, wristbands, socks, and boots that everyone yearns for. Bringing sports kits on-chain as NFTs secures your right as owner and offers you more value.
  3. Clips: Incredible moments happen in every sport and as such, video clips are more important than you think of. Want to preserve the memory of some epic slam dunk or “Panenka” shots? You can convert them into NFTs and own them for life.
  4. Memorabilia: Memorabilia including autographs, trophies, and awards can also be brought on-chain as NFTs.

What do Sports NFTs Aim to Solve?

Non-fungible tokens leverage several blockchain’s attributes to upscale your sports assets in several ways. These include:

Scarcity: Scarcity drives demand upward. Tokenizing sports collectibles especially in single units adds value to them

Connects with sports idols directly: by eliminating the need for intermediaries, NFTs provide an open, transparent market for fans to connect with their favorites and purchase their kits directly.

Liquidity: NFT marketplaces are arguably the biggest thing in crypto today, with lots of users buying collectibles to hold and sell for profit. With the number of users drawn towards the NFT market through sports, collectibles trading has taken on a new (read: liquid) shape.

Royalties: sports NFTs trading offer substantial value for money plus potential royalties on secondary sales.

AirNFTs — your one-stop hub for Sports NFTs

You can now purchase cards, posters, memorabilia, and other collectibles of your favorite sportsmen and women on AirNFTs. Visit the NFT marketplace to start collecting!

How to create an NFT on BSC, ETH, Fantom and Polygon

Follow these 3 simple steps

1. Connect your wallet

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to connect to the app

2. Create your NFT

Upload your NFTs,
set the price and mint

3. Start earning crypto

Earn BNB, Matic, ETH for all your NFTs that you trade