Influencer Marketing and NFTs

Are you a social media influencer looking to break into the NFT landscape? AirNFTs is the perfect place to be! We are committed to providing active (and passive) ways for influencers to earn crypto with their large community.

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What is Influencer NFT Marketing?

Influencer NFT marketing is technically a mix of influencer marketing and NFT creation. While the conventional way for influencers to earn is by ads, brand promotions, and merch sales done on social media sites, influencer marketing introduces a newer and better income stream for these people with non-fungible tokens sales.

How does Influencer NFT Marketing Work?

Ever seen news of Instagram or Twitter launching NFT sales to their followers? Yeah, that’s exactly what NFT marketing is. NFT marketing works similarly to social media marketing, except in this case, you create content as NFTs for your followers see and purchase, and you earn in crypto.

Why Influencer NFT Marketing?

Major world stars and influencers have caught in on the booming space for many reasons, and here are three of them.

1. Leverage your Audience to Earn

NFTs provide another avenue for influencers to earn other than from brand collabs and partnerships. For lifestyle, arts and fashion influencers, NFTs offer a way to sell exclusive content. Gaming influencers can also sell game items to their followers as NFTs.

Humans understand scarcity, and NFTs create scarcity, driving value up. Having a huge audience showcase your valuable content — basically anything — adds immense icing to the cake.

2. You Get Everything

Unlike in social media marketing, virtually all the money you earn goes to your wallet. You need only pay a minting fee to create your NFTs, and yes, the fee mostly goes for less than $1!

3. Royalties

AirNFTs allow creators earn a cut on secondary sales of the NFTs. This means you earn not just from a single sale but also future sales. As a social media influencer and creator, there is no telling when you will stop earning from your content if you leverage your audience to create NFTs with us.

Influencer Marketing and AirNFTs — The Perfect Match

Regardless of your influencing niche, there are several opportunities for you to create a growing and profitable ecosystem to earn crypto. With us, you earn and keep earning on all your content. Channel your audience into our ever-active community on Twitter, Instagram and Telegram to begin this potentially lucrative journey.

How to create an NFT on BSC, ETH, Fantom and Polygon

Follow these 3 simple steps

1. Connect your wallet

Use Trust Wallet or Metamask to connect to the app

2. Create your NFT

Upload your NFTs,
set the price and mint

3. Start earning crypto

Earn BNB, Matic, ETH for all your NFTs that you trade