April's Top 3 NFT Creators

April's top 3 NFT Creators on AirNFTs, Learn background story, tips and tricks and what tools they use. Leading BSC NFT marketplace.

May 10, 2021

We worked tirelessly for the launch of our platform a little over a month ago, but all our efforts have been well rewarded by the vast number of users, both artists and buyers. 

This level of engagement from the community motivated us to burn the midnight oil (work overtime) and earn our place among the best crypto art apps on the market.

To further highlight some the amazing art currently on our platform, we’re starting a monthly best picks top.

Here is April’s Best Picks:

Pedro Gomes

My real name is Pedro Gomes, and I go by the name Pedraw . I am a visual artist based in London, I am focused on creating bold and colorful artworks that represent the characters that live in my imagination.

Where are you from?

Im was born in Portugal and I have Angolan descent. 

When did you started making art?

Since I was 15. I stopped drawing when I was 18 years old for around 4 years. Later in life, I was studying Graphic Design and Animation at the University of Westminster. Since then I never stopped making art.

What motivates you?

Mostly ancient technology, I am also a huge fan of old-school graphic design and I am very passionate about colors. I also enjoy learning while making art and the sense of discovery that goes with it.

What is you favorite piece you created?

It’s called Nuntius. The artwork is a visual representation of a Devine being sharing knowledge by offering a Tech device shaped like a pyramid.  

Which software you use?

Mostly Adobe Photoshop.

Personal achievements.

I was featured in a few magazines such as Advanced Photoshop, and participated in an award-wining campaign recently.

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Pedro Gomes AirNFTs profile link

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Cute characters

Hi! So, my fans know me under the name of Cute Characters so let’s stick with that and be a bit mysterious! A lot of people think I'm a male, but I'm going to surprise you, I'm not. In addition to drawing illustrations, I am also a student but not in the field of art. Art isn't a job for me but more passion that gives a reason to be happy. I look forward to creating new art every time and it is also a great way to escape to a different world, that teaches me to dream and think beyond.

When did you started making art? 

I started drawing when I was small. I would copy illustrations from my favorite movies and I would still be creating something. About a year ago, I discovered the magic of digital illustrations. It was hard to get used to the screen instead of paper, but in the end, it completely changed the way I was making art. I've always admired the artists who create 3D art. I wanted to do something similar, so I created my first Cute Character – Frida. I've been creating Cute Characters ever since. I enjoy how creative you can be in creating different characters.

What motivates you? 

The motivation for me is above all that I really enjoy making art, I will not lie there are some days when it's hard and I do have a creative block. Then it always makes me happy when someone likes my characters and especially the fact that people buy them and are happy about it!

What is you favorite piece you created?

My favorite piece must be Frida. It has a certain meaning for me, mainly because it was my first character and I learned a lot of things from it. But also because Frida Kahlo has always been a symbol of a strong woman for me.

Which software you use? 

Everyone is always very surprised when I say that I work with Procreate. I am glad that people think I'm creating my characters in 3D software, but that's not the case. All my characters are hand-drawn in Procreate.

Personal achievements.  

I would like to constantly improve, not only personally but also improve my art. There is always room for improvement and I like to learn new things. I would like my characters to make people happy and to keep the family of Cute Characters growing!

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Cute_Characters AirNFT profile link

You can also find me on Twitter @cute_characters


Tell us something about you!

My name is BoMo, I am a motion and broadcast designer from Moscow, Russia. I have been in the industry for a long time, but 3 months ago I started doing crypto art!

What motivates you? 

I am inspired by the opportunity to tell a story and be heard.

What is you favorite piece you created?  

The "BlackDolls" project is an allegory of society. as I see it. I have a whole story about the "Blackdolls", their religion, politics and culture. The "Mask" project is part of the BlackDoll project.

Which software you use? 

My working tools Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects. 

Personal achievements.

My personal achievements are ahead.

I am the official representative of the artist Melba Marat (@melba_marat) Concept-artist of the children's animated series of the "Soyuzmultfilm" studio. I present her works "Nymphs" and "Dolls". "Nymphs" is a project that embodies feminine beauty. "Dolls" is a frank project. Behind the bright colors is a story that tells about the fragility of the human body and the transience of life. There are a lot of interesting projects ahead!

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Bomo AirNFT profile link

Twitter: @bolotovmotion‍

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