Earn by creating and selling NFTs

To celebrate our Mainnet launch, early adopters and supporters, in the AirNFTs community will earn AIRT

April 13, 2021

We are starting the ultimate reward system for our community members conducting value-adding actions on the platform. Before we get into more details on how to earn AIRT Token let me share some details about the token.

What is AIRT

$AIRT is the platform and governance token for the AirNFTs market on BSC, it has been designed from day one to be the reward token for the most active users.

The end goal of AIRT is to make sure our most active marketplace users are rewarded and ultimately have a word to say in the governance and roadmap of the platform.

How to earn AIRT by selling NFTs

All the users who have conducted any value-adding operation on the marketplace. That means on every NFT sale on the platform, the seller and the buyer will split rewards 50/50 each, both sides will get $AIRT when they buy or sell any piece of arts listed on AirNFTs.

How are the rewards calculated:

Few more examples:

  • If an artist sells one piece with a value of 1 BNB, they will be eligible to receive 15 $AIRT and the buyer will also be rewarded with 15 AIRT.
  • If the art sold was priced at 0.5 BNB, the seller will receive 7.5 AIRT and the buyer will receive also 7.5 AIRT
We are slashing rewards to 15 $AIRT reward per 1 #BNB in sale value for this and upcoming cycles. (AUG 14, 2021 update)

How to claim your AIRT Tokens?

We designed the claiming process of AIRT tokens with the aim to make it very straightforward, this means our AirNFT users don't have to do anything to claim their tokens, we plan to run the airdrops cycles every 2 weeks to user account addresses.

In the meantime, the current airdrop balance can be checked directly by clicking on user avatar the AIRT balance should be below the wallet BNB balance.

Start earning AIRT

We want to make this reward program as impactful as possible and reward all AirNFTs users out there. Help us spread the word about earning AIRT, share this between your artists and collectors friends. The more people join to buy and sell NFTs the bigger chances you will earn more AIRT.

Stay tuned on our twitter and telegram for more updates.

Buying and selling NFTs between your own accounts just to get free AIRT is not allowed.

AirNFTs reserves the right in its sole discretion to amend or change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reasons without prior notice.