Like Bitcoin, AirNFTs has anonymous founder(s).

We choose Bitcoin as our Ideology and here is why

May 28, 2021

As the creators of the AirNFTs project, we have made the decision from day one to stay pseudo-anonymous for privacy reasons and also for the long-term benefit of the project. We have thought since the inception of the AirNFTs to build community-based governance without the founder's stronghold. We want the community to drive the future of AirNFTs as it reaches critical mass adoption

We believe that in the near future companies would not even need to have even public founders as long as everything is done in the best interests of the community – one of the good examples would be Bitcoin, no public face, no CEO and it has been running for the past few years relatively well.

So far we've been able to build the product, the community, broke even financially before raising any outside funds, we have never shilled any token or pushing users to buy platform tokens.

Matter of fact we reached the threshold of 500K users, 5M$ in sales gross volume during the first month by running entirely without any raised funds and without selling tokens to users.

From the core, we are product builders, we don't want to be any sort of crypto famous, we prefer to keep our profile low and focus on building what actually matters to our users and the community in general.

Being pseudo-anonymous might have drawbacks, mostly because people usually don't have trust in organizations without public faces, but we believed by running the organization in the best interest of our community we would be able to build the trust factor, that explains why our early adopters adore our products and love everything about it.

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