AIRT token reward distribution

Learn more about the $AIRT reward distribution program and the future distribution cycles.

April 25, 2021

As we promised 2 weeks ago during our mainnet launch, we are going to perform the token reward distribution to the early adopters that contributed value to the marketplace.
That means everyone who bought or sold an NFT will be eligible to get a reward in AIRT token.
The next reward cycle will take place in the following 2 weeks, that means anyone can still earn AIRT by selling their own NFTs or buying NFTs from other artists. So keep minting, buying and collecting NFTs on the platform to increase the AIRT reward in the next distribution cycle.

What should I do to claim my earned $AIRT?

You don't need to do anything, we will automatically distribute to all users who did any sale or purchase on our platform, your $AIRT airdrop balance will be reset and you will get real $AIRT tokens straight to your wallet.

Trust Wallet users don't need to do anything, the distributed $AIRT tokens will appear automagically in the wallet. 

For some other wallets like Metamask the tokens might not appear right away, so you will need to add the smart contract address to the wallet manually, ‍

Please make sure you use this smart contract address to add tokens into the wallet:
‍Copy Contract Address on BSC scan

How do I add AIRT Token into my metamask?

Follow this 4 step guide:

1. Make sure you are connected to Binance Smart Chain network.

2. Go to your metamask and select wallet, then click on +add tokens

3. Go to tab "Custom Token" and just paste AIRT smart contract address in there Copy Contract Address on BSC scan

4. Hit Add token and that's it, you should see the AIRT in your wallet

This is big thanks to everyone who participated as an early adopter and earned first round of the AIRT Tokens, for those that came little later no worries, you can earn AIRT today.

To earn AIRT rewards you just need to sell your NFTs or buy NFTs of others, wish you luck! To learn more about how we distribute rewards read this.

– AirNFTs Team

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