Introducing AirNFTs Referral Program

Invite your friends to the NFT marketplace and earn crypto with the AirNFTs referral program.

October 7, 2022

AirNFTs launches its referral program to extend rewards to more users. Start earning crypto by successfully inviting your friends to our NFT marketplace and getting them started. 

Benefits for NFT marketplace users

For each invited friend to the NFT marketplace, you earn crypto every time they make an NFT transaction volume of over $500. There is no limit to the number of friends you can invite or the amount of crypto you can earn.

‍Who is referral for?

The AirNFTs referral program is for everyone. You can become an affiliate partner if you are a Youtuber, influencer, NFT collector, or have another project that links to the AirNFTs page.

How to get started and earn crypto with the referral program?

1. Get the referral link - Connect a wallet and generate your referral link in the referral section,

2. Invite your friends to register via your referral link,

3. Earn crypto - Receive referral rewards in AIRT tokens from your friends’ trades.

‍How to claim your rewards?

You can claim your reward by achieving an NFT transaction volume of over $500. All rewards from the referral program will be claimed and placed into our staking pool to give our users more earnings with our juicy APY. Therefore, if you wish to withdraw them, you will do so from the staking page.

Start Earning Now! 

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