New NFT Projects For November 2022

Despite the bear market, new NFT projects launch daily on various NFT marketplaces. Discover more with us.

October 10, 2022

While old NFT projects like CryptoPunks, Axie Infinity, Moonbirds NFT, or the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT are already well established, many other projects are emerging within the NFT space. Thousands of new NFT projects are launching daily on various NFT marketplaces such as AirNFTs, OpenSea, or Rarible. 

Are you looking for the best new NFT projects to follow and potentially invest in? This article explores the top 6 new NFT projects to buy in 2022 for high long-term returns.

The top new NFT projects coming out in 2022

The new NFT projects listed below have been launched or will be launched in 2022.

1. Copium Protocol

Copium Protocol is a multi-pronged mining investment project based on the Ethereum blockchain. The Copium Investor Pass, a collection of 10,000 NFTs that will be minted on the Ethereum blockchain in early to mid-October, will be sold as the initial offering of the project. Therefore, investors must purchase a pass if they want to use the Copium protocol and enjoy its benefits. Notably, the first 2,000 users to register on the project's website will receive a guaranteed mint spot for a lower fixed price of only 3 ETH. Investor Pass NFT holders will also be eligible for a unique drop of 10,000 Copium Coins, the native ERC-20 token that powers the ecosystem.

The Copium Protocol has developed an innovative solution to create an ecosystem that generates value for everyone involved through passive crypto mining. If you have the NFT Investor Pass or a bag of Copium coins, you will benefit in the long run from the maturity of the ecosystem and the shrinking supply of Copium coins.

2. Seedify

Seedify is one of the cryptocurrency industry’s leading launchpads and notable incubators. They empower innovators and project developers through access to funding and community and partnership building. They provide a complete support system to help bring top blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to their community through IGOs (Initial Gaming Offerings) and INOs (Initial NFTs Offerings). 

Despite the current market condition with bear run, Seedify successfully launched their $SNFTS token (the Seedify NFT Marketplace token) via an airdrop on 31 August 2022. Seedify will focus on two business niches: blockchain gaming and the metaverse. Each with utility-based NFTs, which are imperative for sustainability and growth.

The $SNFTS staking and farming pools were made available immediately after the release. Once the holder has claimed their $SNFTS, they can stake and farm and begin earning passive income immediately.

Holders are also entitled to other benefits of $SNFTS, such as reduced fees and random NFT drops for those trading on Seedify's upcoming NFT marketplace. They will also be entitled to whitelist spots for Seedify's exclusive NFT Avatar collection, which was recently announced.

‍3. Battle Infinity – An exciting new metaverse-based NFT project

Battle Infinity (IBAT) is an exciting new NFT project with enormous potential. An NFT play-to-earn-based Metaverse gaming ecosystem consisting of six unique platforms, Battle Infinity is a diverse and incredibly feature-rich NFT project that could reshape the industry. CoinSniper has already verified it, and the project's Telegram group is rapidly gaining a following, making it one of the best new NFT projects to watch.

The Battle Infinity ecosystem includes an NFT marketplace, a staking platform, a fantasy sports platform, a series of P2E games, a beautifully designed Metaverse, and a decentralized exchange. With all this in one new NFT project, Battle Infinity truly has something for everyone and looks set to dominate the NFT space.

BEP-20 $IBAT is the project's native token and will be used to power everything in the ecosystem. With a limited supply of 10 billion tokens, it will be used to reward qualified players, earn revenue by staking on IBAT Battle Stake, and purchase virtual advertising space.

4. Lucky Block NFTs – New Popular NFT Project with Jackpots

Lucky Block is a platform for NFT competitions. Players can earn rewards from LBLOCK tokens by holding NFTs and participating in contests.
The launch of the Lucky Block Platinum Rollers Club NFT collection (a collection of 10,000 NFTs hosted on Binance Smart Chain) has created a massive buzz among LBLOCK holders and early investors. Like the LBLOCK token, the Lucky Block NFT Collection is also expected to see a price increase in 2022 and beyond. If the NFT collection is as successful as the token, an investment of $1,000 will yield $100,000!
Unlike most NFTs available on marketplaces, such as AirNFTs and others, the Lucky Block NFT collection has an added benefit. Anyone with at least one NFT from the collection gets a lifetime entry into the daily NFT drawings. Each reward can win you $10,000, and the luckiest players will receive one of 25 rare NFTs. Recently, the platform has been featured on TV shows and other media outlets worldwide. The media is interested in the project, which will drive the value of tokens and NFTs.

5. Tamadoge

Launched in July 2022, Tamadoge is a metaverse project that received exciting reviews in the NFT space after raising $19 million in a monster pre-sale in Q3 2022. It's a play-to-earn NFT game with a metaverse where users can breed their pets (doges) to rise to the leaderboard. Users will also be allowed to use the TAMA token to cash in crypto rewards. Unlike traditional meme coins, Tamadoge will focus much more on providing utility to investors via a play-to-earn game mechanism and NFTs.

Over time the play-to-earn opportunities on Tamadoge will expand to include augmented reality experiences, allowing your NFT to play with its friends in the Tamaverse.

6. Silks – A derivatives-based NFT P2E metaverse that replicates real-world horse racing

Silks is a new NFT project that is getting a lot of attention. Silks is a blockchain-based metaverse that allows users to own, trade, and earn rewards through thoroughbred racehorses. This exciting project is based on real-world events, which means that all of the "virtual horses" in the game have a real-world equivalent. Ultimately, this allows metaverse participants to benefit from the performance of real-world horses in races. Silks, also home to the top NFT Land projects and the top NFT horse racing projects, is a top-notch NFT project worth considering.

The virtual world underlies the Silks project, allowing users to purchase land parcels and build stables to house their horses. Notably, these plots of land are structured as NFTs, which can be monetized and traded on the Silks marketplace. Horses are also structured as NFTs, with new pools of horses being minted yearly to coincide with the trade of "Yearlings" in the real world.

A promising long-term prospect for NFTs is that horse racing does well in all market conditions, including recessions. Therefore, NFT derivatives can be expected to mimic the real-world economics of horse racing somewhat.

Overall, Silks NFTs are a great project to buy for high long-term returns in 2022. The NFTs provided by Silks are new, and they bridge the gap between the natural world and the cryptocurrency industry, making them very valuable.

How to find new NFT projects early?

One of the best ways to find the best new NFT projects is to use a reliable NFT calendar and to check the top NFT marketplaces, such as AirNFTs, so you don't miss out on new and upcoming NFT drops.


Determining what makes a great NFT project or a worthy investment is complex. While there are still a handful of fantastic NFT projects to buy in 2022 for high long-term returns, we hope this guide helps inform your choices.

Disclaimer: AirNFTs does not guarantee, warrant, or necessarily endorse the above projects and is not responsible for them in any way. The article does not constitute investment advice. Therefore, please take all necessary steps to ensure that the information and content provided are correct, current, and verified.

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