Our Milestones And What Awaits In Our 2022 Road Map

Want to know what AirNFTs plans to build in the upcoming months and years? Learn about our past achievements and vision for the future.

August 30, 2022

Since our launch in mid-April 2021, AirNFTs has grown faster as one of the most popular NFT marketplaces, connecting NFT collectors, artists, gamers, and more, on one platform. As we grow, everything we do is driven by and for the community, improving the usability of our product and maintaining a high level of stability.

Today, we are proud to share our most significant achievements from our launch in 2021 to today and what awaits the rest of 2022. All of this has been possible because of your support and confidence in us.

Achievements in the past 12 months

  1. Multi-chain support with the integration of BNB Chain (former BSC), Polygon (MATIC), and Fantom (FTM) blockchains. As a community-driven NFT marketplace, we have constantly tweaked and added new features in response to user feedback. The above blockchains all have insane transaction speeds and near-to-zero gas fees in common. This way, we have welcomed more and more NFT creators, collectors, and traders to join our community. Some of our top artists got noticed by Binance, and allowed them limited spots to trade on their market.
  1. Staking: We entered the Defi space to offer more options to our users on our NFT marketplace, empower more NFT projects to access customized staking services without having to build their own smart contracts, and earn passive income on BSC via our platform. 30,367,405.552 AIRT were staked in the rewards pool by users, with a juicy APY of 132% that gives early stakers a passive income.
  1. 2.8 millions users have visited our NFT marketplace since the launch – More than $200,000 was rewarded to our community through social events.
  1. 272,271 NFTs minted on the platform.
  1. 14,843 AIRT Token holders (unique wallets).
  1. Support of 3rd Party NFTs on BSC: This feature allows our users to sell 3rd party NFTs from BNB Chain (former BSC) on AirNFTs.
  1. Crosschain swap for AIRT on BSC, Polygon and Fantom: This feature allows our users to swap our native token, $AIRT, directly between the blockchains on which our marketplace runs without any intermediary.
  1. Partnerships – We have created partnerships and worked closely with our partners, including:
  • Biswap, Babyswap, Apeswap, BetFury, 1inch, Uniswap, Apeswap 
  • Wallets integration - Trust wallet, BitKeep wallet, Coinbase, TokenPocket, Coin98 and MyEtherWallet
  1. Our native token, $AIRT, can be used for playing all games on BetFury across their platform.
  1. Approximately $245,000 saved in gas fees compared to Ethereum.
  2. Since the first month we launched, our NFT marketplace trading volume has increased by Over $7M.
  3. Our top artists by trading volume:
  1. Social engagement features on the platform, like Instagram, have the "Followers and Following feature," giving our users the possibility to watch their favorite artists by following them. 
  1. 7 supported languages – when we launched, we supported only a few languages, but as our community grows, we keep adding up. Up to now, we support seven languages: English, Français, Chinese, Espanol, Bahasa Indonesia, Turkish, and Russian.

What awaits for 2022 and the following year?

AirNFTs is all about the community. It was launched for the community, and we will continue building for it. For the remainder of 2022 and next year, we will focus on the following projects:

  1. FIO Protocol NFT signature integration

A feature that will allow our users to protect their NFTs. FIO's NFT signatures are the first decentralized solution that helps NFT creators and collectors on every blockchain protect themselves from NFT forgeries cryptographically and self-sovereignly.

  1. Mobile app development (Android/iOS)

Our mobile application for iOS and Android is in the progress and will allow all our users to have available access to our NFT marketplace in real-time. In addition, users will be able to receive notifications about changes in products and services or something new.

  1. Fiat On-ramp integration

The fiat on-ramp feature will allow our users to buy NFTs using cards if they don’t have crypto on our NFT marketplace. 

  1. Ethereum 2.0 blockchain integration

With version 2.0, users will be able to mint and trade all kinds of NFTs without having to pay massive gas fees. This will stimulate sales of artistic NFTs and sales of NFT games that have repeatedly been blocked because their gameplay involved spending money on commissions.

  1. A “make a bid for the whole collection” feature to increase trading

This feature will allow users to place bids for an entire NFT collection to increase NFT trading. This update solves a common problem among collectors who struggle to place dozens of individual bids for NFTs in the same collection.

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